For personal purchases of computer equipment, both discounted prices and special financing have been arranged thorough DELL.

Personal Purchasing Policy & King's College

  • King's College currently uses Dell computers as our main supplier of campus computer equipment.
  • Dell has provided a link to a special King's College page with special pricing for personal purchases by individuals associated with King's College.
  • The equipment offered meets the general computer specifications for hardware and software on the King's College campus.
  • These computers are offered for sale by Dell to the members of the King's College community. The transactions are solely the responsibility of the individuals and Dell computer. King's College does not provide any warranty or service, and does not have any financial interest in the transactions.
  • King's College provided Dell with our latest hardware and software recommendations for individuals obtaining a personal computer for use on its campus.
  • While we realize that there are many options regarding a purchase of a personal computer, the Dell Partnership program provides the King's Community with Dell Resources at a discounted price.

For more information on discount programs or advice on purchasing a home computer contact IITS at 208-5900 x5844.

Requests for information technology must be made through the College's established budgetary channels. Contact IITS at 208-5900 x5844 for assistance in configuring systems which can be supported on campus.