Dear King's College Community,

I am grateful that our collective prayers were answered and that all King's students and employees were evacuated safely and that the campus was spared from any major damage. I ask all members of the King's family to keep in their thoughts those who suffered loss during this record flood. As we resume "normal" operations, I would be remiss not to express my gratitude at how quickly and effectively the College's employees and student members of the residence life staff acted when the evacuation was announced and in the following three days. I also want to thank, on behalf of the entire campus, the federal, state, county and Wilkes-Barre city officials who admirably performed their vital functions during the flood.

In true King's fashion, many students opened their homes to fellow students who could not arrange transportation to their residences before having to evacuate as evidenced by a posting on the College's facebook page. "I would like to thank the generous family who has let my son come stay with them through the evacuation."

The College's overall preparedness for the disaster was also praised on the facebook page. "Based on your emergency website & frequent updates, it looks like King's has a very robust emergency plan! Kudos to all involved in its development!!!"

Lastly, I was humbled to see several people offer assistance to the College once the evacuation order was lifted. "Please let us know when/how alumni can help with the clean-up. Would gladly come up/over from Jersey for a day or two or much as I can. I am sure I'm not the only one." Another posting came from a potential student. "I am also interested in going to King's - it is my number one school choice as of the moment I would love to also help with clean up."

With God's grace King's College has more than survived and personally I have a renewed enthusiasm for the importance of the King's College mission.

Fr. Jack Ryan, C.S.C.