Students must earn at least 60 credits from Notre Dame to receive the Notre Dame degree, and must earn at least 60 credits from King’s to receive the King’s degree.  Since some of the courses taken at Notre Dame will fulfill King’s degree requirements, students will be conferred their degree from King’s upon successful completion of the program at Notre Dame.

King's students in the 3+2 program will transfer to The University of Notre Dame in one of seven engineering tracks – Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental or Mechanical Engineering – and will receive a B.S. from King's in the disciplines specified below:

B.S. Physics from King's:

  • Aerospace Engineering track
  • Mechanical Engineering track
  • Civil Engineering track
  • Electrical Engineering track

B.S. Chemistry from King's:

  • Chemical Engineering track

B.S. Computer Science from King's:

  • Computer Engineering Track

B.S. Environmental Science from King's:

  • Environmental Engineering track

Applying to Notre Dame

Students applying for transfer admission to the University of Notre Dame must have satisfied King's College academic guidelines, as well as the following criteria: 

  • Apply to Notre Dame after completion of the Fall semester of the 3rd Year;
  • Cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale*;

  • A grade of at least 'C' in all courses that are required to transfer to Notre Dame;
  • At least 60 semester credit-hours of work that can be transferred to satisfy Notre Dame engineering degree requirements;
  • Recommendation for admission from the program director for engineering, and the relevant department chair at King's.
  • * Students with a grade-point average between a 3.0 and 3.3 are encouraged to apply to Notre Dame, and will be considered if they have a strong recommendations from the program director and the relevant department chair.

    Academic standing within the engineering program will be reviewed each semester by the Program Director. Admission to the University of Notre Dame requires a minimum GPA of 3.30 after five semesters of college study at King’s College. Students will be reviewed to monitor academic progress, provide tutoring and mentoring, make students aware of opportunities to study at University of Notre Dame, maintain interest and enthusiasm in their course of study, and to discuss academic alternatives for those who may fail to maintain the required GPA or prescribed course of study.

    The Minimum Progression Requirements include:


    Fall Semester Spring Semester


    Overall GPA Pre-Eng GPA* Overall GPA Pre-Eng GPA*


    3.00 2.90 3.10 3.00


    3.20 3.10 3.25 3.10


    3.30 3.20 3.30 3.20

    Note - No course grade may be lower than a C in order to transfer to Notre Dame

    * Pre-Eng GPA: based on grades in engineering, computer science, mathematics, chemistry and physics courses required by the 3+2 curriculum

    Click here for more information on the engineering programs at the University of Notre Dame

    3+2 Transfer Application Instructions

    Requirements for students entering in the fall semester of 2019

    Students admitted into the 3+2 program between King’s College and the University of Notre Dame must follow the outline progression plan:

    1. 3.6 GPA (overall and technical)
    2. All grades that transfer to ND would be a “B” or better
    3. Must have earned a C or better in all courses
    4. Must have a positive recommendation from the program coordinator
    5. No violations of any community standards
    6. ND reserves the right to restrict access to some majors depending upon current student inventories and available classroom / lab space. King’s students would be able to identify a primary and secondary major