Department Chairperson
Mr. Paul Lindenmuth
Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice
M.A. in Criminal Justice, St. Joseph's University.
B.A. in English, University of Nebraska.

Full-time Faculty
Paul Lindenmuth, M.S., Department Chairperson (Criminal Justice) -
Bridget Costello, Ph.D. (Sociology) -
Christopher Moore, Ph.D. (Sociology & Criminal Justice)

Part-time Faculty
James Marinello, M.A. (Criminal Justice) -
Richard Shiptosky, Esq. (Criminal Justice) -
Mary Dyleski, M.S. (Criminal Justice) -
Lou Palmeri, M.S.W. (Sociology & Social Work) -
Sean Blinn, M.S., M.A. (Criminal Justice) -
Jessy Miller, M.S. (Sociology) -
Theresa Kline, M.S. (Criminal Justice) -
Paul Zbiek, Ph.D. (Sociology & History) -
Jean O’Brien, (Sociology & Psychology) -