In collaboration with the Villanova Center for Liberal Education, the McGowan Center publishes the forum "Ethics in Focus" once per year in the online, open-access journal Expositions: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities.

The forum focuses on a topic of pressing interest in the field of ethics and comprises an introduction by the McGowan Center's Director and a number of contributions, responding to this introduction, from scholars with expertise on the topic in question.

The inaugural forum, which appeared in Expositions 7/1 (2013), concerns the questions of what should and realistically can be the aims of ethics education at the college level. The 2014 forum, in Expositions 8/2, focuses on philosopher Thomas Nagel's much-discussed book Mind and Cosmos, in particular its arguments for moral realism. In 2015, Expositions 9/1 published seven articles from the King's conference "The Idea of a Catholic College." The forum in Expositions 10/1 (2016) discusses obstacles and opportunities for the integration of Catholic social teaching (CST) in college curricula. Finally, the forum in Expositions 11/1 (2017) concerns the ethics of cooperation, in particular as it applies to U.S. Supreme Court cases like Hobby Lobby and Zubik v. Burwell. See, for an overview of the latest forum, this online-only article in Commonweal.